First half of 2018


2018 has started of pretty well! I've had the opportunity to launch a brand new Cadillac, the XT4, and add to their CT6 program as well. I worked with the team at Rokkan NY for the first time and shot both in Michigan and NYC. The shoot took place in January and amazingly we had better than adequate weather! I also had an interesting shoot in the Ann Arbor area for Michael Klement's Architectural Resource. His team created a design for a farm that is greener than green, it actually gives back to the grid. It's name is Burh Becc and the Living Building Challenge has certified it as one of two structures worldwide to have achieved this level of sustainability! In February I traveled to the Palm Springs area on a trip that combined some business with pleasure. Our book, Michigan Modern: An Architectural Legacy, has finally arrived at a bookstore (or Amazon) near you and the author, Brian Conway, and I presented it to the world at a Palm Springs Modernism Week seminar event! It's been extremely well received and we expect a second edition to come out this fall. While there I met an architect, Susan Secoy Jensen, who has renovated her mid century home beautifully and she asked me to photograph it. I happened to return in early May and spent a day shooting both interiors and exteriors of her Southridge home. On both trips to the desert I traveled with my Phantom 4Pro and captured these early modern developments from the air too! Last but not least I spent a few days in Ft. Wayne, Indiana where we shot the GM Truck Plant. It is an incredible facility (much of it new) and I was so impressed with the level of automation and technology that goes into the production of a vehicle.

19-cad-xt4-50004-v8-dc1 19-cad-xt4-50003-v8-dc1 19-cad-xt4-50007-v6-dc1 19-cad-xt4-50002-v7-dc1 19-cad-xt4-50008-v7 19-cad-ct6-50205-v8-dc2 19-cad-ct6-50203-v6-dc1 19-cad-ct6-50212-v7-dc1

2019 Cadillac XT4 and CT6V

klement-burhbecc-1-30-18-0771-dc2 klement-burhbecc-2-06-18-0003-1-dc1 klement-burhbecc-2-06-18-0189-dc3b living-room-panorama1-dc2 klement-burhbecc-2-06-18-0375-dc1 klement-burhbecc-2-06-18-0092-2-dc1

Burh Becc, Architectural Resource


Michigan Modern: An Architectural Legacy!

secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0349-dc3 secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0227-dc2 secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0099-1-dc2b secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0063-1-dc1 secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0298-1-dc1 secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0302-2-dc1 secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0516-dc1 secoy-jensen-5-6-18-0444-dc1

Susan Secoy Architects, Palm Springs Mid-Century

palm-springs-2-2018-0031-dc1 palm-springs-5-18-0097 palm-springs-5-18-0109 palm-springs-2-2018-0152-dc2 palm-springs-2-2018-0112-dc1 palm-springs-2-2018-0646 palm-springs-2-2018-0644

Palm Springs, February 2018

chevy-truck-plant-5-22-18-0498b chevy-truck-plant-5-22-18-0157b chevy-truck-plant-5-22-18-0693b

GM's Ft. Wayne Truck Plant

Balance of 2017


As the summer progressed, my schedule filled up quickly and there was little downtime until the holidays! In my automotive world I worked on projects for Chevrolet's Volt and Bolt, Ford's SuperDuty, the next generation GMC Sierra, Chevrolet's new Medium Duty truck and then a sample trip to Flagstaff, Arizona. My architectural clients kept me busy as well. Not only did we wrap up the Michigan Modern project, I shot for Saroki Architecture, Rossetti, Scott Cohen/IDS, Grand Valley State University, DesRosiers Architecture, Young and Young and finally, Paul Rudolph. Actually, I didn't shoot for Rudolph but I did visit his incredible high school addition in Sarasota, Florida!

18chcb35080-v3-dc3 18chbo35009-v5 18chbo35007-v5 18chvo35039-v3 18chvo35045-v2

2018 Chevrolet Volt and Bolt

c9213118-supd-ltd-full-ip-0011-comp gauge-detail-dc2 vent-dc6

2018 Ford Super Duty interiors

19pgsr00001-dead-frt-moody-dc-7 19pgsr00012-ld-v5 19pgsr00018-ld-v5 19pgsr00132-ld-v11 19pgsr00005-ld-v7 19pgsr00095-ld-v4

2019 GMC Sierra

19chct35003-v5 19chct35009-v5 19chct35012-v5 19chct35021-v2

Chevrolet Medium Duty Truck

flagstaff-10-15-17-0620-v2b jeep-psngtres-101917-0083-v1 flagstaff-10-19-17-0009-v1 flagstaff-10-19-17-0497-v4b flagstaff-10-19-17-0657-v6b flagstaff-1018170013-dc1-v3 tahoe-rockytop-101817-0197-v2b

Flagstaff, November 2017


Michigan Modern Cover!

saroki-district-lofts-7-25-17-0436-dc3 saroki-district-lofts-7-25-17-0165-dc1 saroki-district-lofts-7-25-17-0610-dc3 saroki-district-lofts-7-25-17-0679-dc2 saroki-district-lofts-7-25-17-0292-dc1 serba-print-installation-2-0008-dc2

Saroki District Lofts

rossetti-breslin-center-11-27-17-0493-dc6 rossetti-breslin-center-11-27-17-0449-dc1 rossetti-breslin-center-11-27-17-0461-dc4 rossetti-breslin-center-11-27-17-0515-dc3 rossetti-breslin-center-11-27-17-0184-dc2

Rossetti, Breslin Center addition, MSU

ids-cohen-taubman-9-23-17-1026-dc2 ids-cohen-taubman-9-23-17-1046-dc2 ids-cohen-taubman-9-23-17-1313-dc2 interior-combo

Preston Scott Cohen, IDS-University of Michigan Art and Architecture Addition

gvsu-10-18-17-0358-dc2 gvsu-10-18-17-0079-dc1 gvsu-drone-10-19-17-0069-dc1 gvsu-10-18-17-0232-dc2 gvsu-10-18-17-0323-dc1 gvsu-10-18-17-0865-dc2 gvsu-drone-10-19-17-0105-dc1 gvsu-drone-10-19-17-0119-dc1 gvsu-drone-10-19-17-0145-dc1

Grand Valley State University, Campus Update

greenlee-residence-8-31-17-0892-dc2 greenlee-residence-8-31-17-0590-dc2 greenlee-residence-8-31-17-0049-dc2 greenlee-residence-8-31-17-0854-dc1 greenlee-residence-9-1-17-0029-dc1 greenlee-residence-8-30-17-0173-dc2 greenlee-residence-9-1-17-0154-dc1 desrosiers-jueckstock-9-21-17-0431-dc3 livingrmwall-pano-dc3

DesRosiers Architecture

yy-gregory-9-15-17-0336-dc1 yy-gregory-9-15-17-0261-dc1 yy-gregory-9-15-17-0371-dc1 yy-gregory-8-18-17-0287-dc2 yy-gregory-8-18-17-0177-dc2 yy-liss-residence-9-9-19-0633-dc1 yy-liss-residence-9-9-19-0513-dc3 yy-liss-residence-8-28-17-0123-dc3 yy-liss-residence-8-28-17-0267-dc2 yy-liss-residence-8-28-17-0623-dc1 yy-wathen-10-16-17-0567-dc3b yy-wathen-10-16-17-0361-dc3 yy-wathen-10-16-17-0650-dc3 yy-wathen-10-16-17-0001-dc2 yy-wathen-10-16-17-0123-dc2b yy-wathen-10-16-17-0144-dc2 yy-wathen-10-16-17-0471-dc2b

Young and Young Architects

sarasota-high-school-12-30-17-0005-2-dc2 sarasota-high-school-12-30-17-0012-1-dc1 sarasota-high-school-12-30-17-0044-dc3

Sarasota High School Addition, Paul Rudolph

Summer 2017


The summer started off in the studio with two projects for Detroit's muscle cars. The first shoot was for Berger Chevrolet, who have produced specialty Camaros since the late 60's. I've been involved with them for close to ten years and enjoy the freedom I have to create basically whatever I think works! This year I had a white car to play with, I lit it with direct light and put them into backgrounds I've shot over the years in LA. The second studio project was a poster of the new Ford ShelbyGT 350, shot for Ford Racing/Campbell Marketing and printed on both sides by Colortech. Since selling my studio last year my first choice of car studios is Stage 3, located in Warren. The facility is set up similarly to my old space and has two studios available.

Architecturally, I photographed a wonderful project by Quinn Evans of Greenfield Village's Davidson Gerson Glass Gallery. I'd forgotten what a special place Greenfield Village is! I also had the opportunity to spend a day at the Detroit Masonic Temple. The docent was kind enough to allow me to shoot all the rooms we visited and it's definitely my intention to return for more! Another cool project was for HED, their Bosch facility in Plymouth, Michigan.

2017-berger-camaro-5-24-17-0024-dc4 2017-berger-camaro-5-24-17-0069-dc2 2017-berger-camaro-5-24-17-0122-dc2 2017-berger-camaro-5-24-17-0259-dc1

2018 Berger Camaro SS

gt350-owner-posters-page-1 gt350-owner-posters-page-2

2018 Ford Shelby GT 350

quinn-evans-greenfield-village-glass-6-12-17-0700-dc2 quinn-evans-greenfield-village-glass-6-12-17-0076-dc1 quinn-evans-greenfield-village-glass-6-12-17-0182-dc1 quinn-evans-greenfield-village-glass-6-12-17-0394-dc2

Quinn Evans, Greenfield Village Davidson-Gerson Glass Gallery

masonictemple-6-28-17-0123-dc2 masonictemple-6-28-17-0023-dc2 masonictemple-6-28-17-0047-dc2

Detroit's Masonic Temple

hed-bosch-6-27-17-0090-dc1 hed-bosch-6-27-17-0128-dc1 hed-bosch-6-27-17-0140-dc1

HED's Bosch Plymouth facility



In mid January I headed to Argentina to visit my daughter who’s doing research there on a Fulbright scholarship. It was the trip of a life time for both of us (although hopefully she has many more!) I traveled with my normal gear but added my drone to the kit as well. I’m really thrilled with the capability of this device! It’s extremely stable, easy to fly and has a sensor that takes a 20mp capture. I also recently took a trip to New Mexico and the drone was my go to camera, it provides such a unique perspective. I’m currently traveling to California and again the Phantom 4 Pro is on board, I plan to fly it near Joshua Tree for a few desert aerials. I've realized that I have another part of the country covered with the drone and that's South Carolina's Low Country, check out the alligator on the point of land! Because of my interest in aerial photography I've recently taken the Part 107 exam to allow me to use the equipment commercially. I passed and will have my certificate in a couple of weeks! At the beginning of March I had the opportunity to work with my friends at The Designory! I primarily work with them on Subaru in the studio. This particular assignment was for the launch of the new CrossTrek and Outback (this post was made well after their announcement). Quite often I'll produce the imagery for Subaru's online catalogs which allows for animatics and simple video.

argentina-2017-0976-dc2 argentina-2017-0758-3-dc2 argentina-2017-0237-dc1 argentina-2017-0266-dc2 argentina-2017-0465-dc2 argentina-2017-0525-dc1 argentina-2017-0637 argentina-2017-0804-dc1 argentina-2017-0126-dc1 jess-on-salinas2 argentina-2017-0053


new-mexico-drone-2-17-0026-dc1 new-mexico-drone-2-17-0089-dc1 new-mexico-drone-2-17-0116-dc1 new-mexico-drone-2-17-0153-dc1

New Mexico Drone

palm-springs-2-17-0011-dc1 palm-springs-2-17-0014-dc1 palm-springs-2-17-0044-dc1 palm-springs-2-17-0023-dc1

Joshua Tree Aerials

low-country-drone-12-16-1-17-0304-dc1 low-country-drone-12-16-1-17-0316-dc1 low-country-drone-12-16-1-17-0029-dc1 low-country-drone-12-16-1-17-0113-1-dc1

Low Country Sunrise

18tdi-ctkac055-tailgate-animation-w1b 18tdi-ctkac055-tailgate-animation-w1 18tdi-ctkac057-cargo-day-trip-loaded-w1 18tdi-ctkac059-cargo-weekend-trip-loaded-w1

Subaru CrossTrek